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Unlock the benefits of our convenient $15 one-time payment plan for your yoga class, ensuring affordability, simplicity, and a stress-free commitment to your wellness journey.

Affordability: Prioritize well-being with our one-time payment.

Simplicity: Focus on your practice with a single payment.

Stress-Free Commitment: Immerse in yoga benefits without long-term financial worries.



Embark on a continuous journey to wellness with our convenient monthly payment plan, allowing you to seamlessly integrate yoga into your routine.

3 months $140/month -> $420 ->You Save $60

6 months $130/month ->$780 ->You Save $180

12months $120/month ->$1440->You Save $480

Private and Semi Private Training Session



Elevate your yoga experience with our exclusive private payment plan, tailored to provide personalized attention and a dedicated space for your individual wellness journey.

Personalized Guidance: Benefit from individualized attention.

Dedicated Space: Enjoy a private environment for your yoga practice.



Join our yoga community with the group payment plan, where you can experience the benefits of shared wellness in a supportive environment while saving on costs together.

Group of 2 - $35/each

Group of 3 - $30/each/p>

Group of 4 - $25/each

Group of 5 up to 8 - $20/each